All Adventurous Women Do.
Lourdes Vanessa. 20. Future Psychologist. I want to walk along the beaches of New Zealand one day.
my boyfriend’s friend put this on her story on snapchat. 💖
iM soDRunk I Cant TYPe LOLsomeone who isnt drunk (via smallvagina)


My feminist rants drive all the boys from the yard.

Damn right

Get off my land you little shits.

I am my own wcw every day


Remember there was almost another twilight book but someone leaked it so Stephanie Meyer refused to finish and I’m 98% sure it was Robert Pattinson and god bless him



do you want to hear a joke

the north american education system

*sobs onto a five paragraph essay that was practically pre-dictated by the teacher and resembles every essay I’ve written for ten years*


5th Avenue